Star Wars: Rogue Squadron Wii may have died along with Factor 5


It was bad enough when Factor 5 closed it doors but now new details have surfaced that the studio was working on a Rogue Squadron title for the Wii.

Several former staff members have filed a lawsuit against Factor 5’s founders for fraudulently transferring assets, including those for a Rogue Squadron Wii game, to another company before they declared bankruptcy to avoiding paying the employees.  The lawsuit includes 69 claims of unpaid wages and totals over $900,000.

“We allege in the suit that Factor 5 and its three founders fraudulently transferred assets, including source code and other intellectual property [including the unannounced Star Wars: Rogue Squadron for Wii] to Blue Harvest, which is now known as White Harvest,” – James Smith, lawyer representing the employees

For those unfamiliar, the Rogue Squadron series started on the N64 and followed up with two games on the GameCube.  One of those games was not only launch title for the system but in my opinion is also one of the best games to ever come out for the Cube.  Whatever White Harvest is I hope they are going to finish up the Wii title.

One more thing, it’s not right to skip out on paying employees for the work they have done.  If this turns out to be the case I hope they can recover their lost wages in court.



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