FTC Floats the Idea of a National 5% Tax on 'Consumer Electronics'

The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a 5% tax on consumer electronics, including video game consoles. According to the FTC the tax, which has been dubbed the ‘iPad Tax’, would allow the bloated federal government to steal an additional $4 billion annually from American Taxpayers which it could then distribute in their un-Constitutional plan to “save journalism” (in this case “journalism” is pronounced “liberal newspapers that nobody wants to read or advertise in”).

Obviously, the FTC can’t make this law on its own but it has now floated the idea to all the idiots in DC who will most likely jump on it faster than Clinton on an intern.  I’m sure part of their justification will be that with the tax they can lower Obama-care costs because video games make people fat and unhealthy (remember all of Obama’s video game attacks).  So higher video game taxes result in lower sales and less fat unhealthy people.  Everyone wins, except of course for the video game industry, the people who work in it, consumers and pretty much everyone except for the government and the liberal newspapers.


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