Report: UK video game industry sales totaled £2.875 billion in 2010

Monday 04 January 2011 – London, United Kingdom – Last year, 2010, was another strong year for the UK video games and interactive entertainment industry, with annual sales figures of £1.53bn (entertainment software, pc & console games).

Total sales of console videogame software amounted to £1.45bn, with growth in 2 formats, Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Sony’s PS3. The total revenue for console hardware sales amounted to £800m.

In terms of revenue the hardware market was headed by Microsoft’s Xbox 360 generating £232m, closely followed by Sony’s PS3 with revenue of £229m. Combined hardware units for these 2 platforms was 2.3m, the same as the 52 comparable weeks of 2009.

In terms of revenue the software market paints a similar picture with Xbox 360 generating £538m and PS3 at No2 with £414m. In terms of units sold Xbox 360 is No1 with 18.2m and PS3 is No2 with 13.8m.

Overall, in 2010 UK consumers bought a total of 63 million console & pc videogames – which works out at more than one per person in the UK.

The total value of console/PC gaming peripherals was £545m in 2010, with total sales reaching 25.8m million units.

2010 also saw some remarkable achievements, including the release of the UK’s best selling game. Activision Blizzard’s ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops’, which exploded into the All Formats Chart (360/PS3/PC/Wii/DS) and is by far the biggest ever launch of any game, recording a staggering 2m units / £82m in the UK over the first 5 days. And of course there was the launch of Sony’s Move and Microsoft’s Kinect, with publishers and developers finding new and innovative ways to engage audiences.

Mike Rawlinson, Director General of UKIE, said: “Despite 2010 being a tough year for the economy, the video games and interactive entertainment industry continues to perform strongly. As the UK’s leading creative industry, these figures demonstrate the increasingly popular position of video games in everyone’s everyday lives, and the strength that the sector has to see it through tough times.

“The UK videogames market has something for everyone, with the market expanding into new areas, particularly online, on mobile phones and on other interactive devices. This expansion is coupled with the continued strength of traditional markets, providing consumers with choice and demonstrating the industry’s increasing maturity. Thanks to continued innovation from games publishers and developers more and more people are playing games. With one in three people now considering themselves gamers, interactive entertainment is increasingly part of everyone’s everyday lives.”

Overall, the total gross generated in the UK during the 52 weeks of 2010 from the sale of all entertainment software, console hardware and console/pc gaming accessories, was £2.875 billion. This equated to 93.6 million units sold all-told in the UK.

Indicative of the market’s expansion, figures from IHS Screen Digest suggest that casual gaming has soared in popularity: UK revenue for Social Network Gaming in 2010 was close to $60m.


The total £2.875 billion result is down 13% from 2009 and 29% from 2008. Link

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