Nintendo reports a 74% drop in net income, slower sales and yen appreciation to blame

All numbers are in millions of Yen (¥)

Nine months ended 12/31/10

  • Net Sales – ¥807,990 [compared to ¥1,182,177 Nine months ended 12/31/09]
  • Operating Income – ¥158,795 [compared to ¥296,656 Nine months ended 12/31/09]
  • Net Income – ¥49,557 [compared to ¥192,601 Nine months ended 12/31/09]

Highlights for the nine months ended 12/31/10

  • 15.7m Nintendo DS units sold worldwide, 98.99m DS software units sold worldwide
  • 13.72m Nintendo Wii units sold worldwide, 150.54m Wii software units sold worldwide
  • Exchange losses totaled 84.4 billion yen (about $1.02 billion USD at current exchange rates)
  • Nintendo DS forecast decreased by 1m units to 18.5m units
  • Nintendo Wii forecast decreased by 1.5m units to 16m units

Link to full report (pdf)

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