Gamer Investments Podcast, Episode #33


Episode 33 of The Gamer Investments Podcast is live.  Topics in this episode include;

  • Jan 2011 NPD sales
  • Ubisoft and Atari report sales revenue
  • Get ready for a vacation on “Dead Island”
  • Developer Double Fine taking on “The Street”
  • Xperia Play officially announced
  • Sony working on rumored PlayStation tablet
  • Frank West and Doc Ock rumored for Marvel vs Capcom 3 DLC
  • Mirror’s Edge 2 may or may not be in development
  • Sony bans PS3 hackers, hackers unban themselves
  • And soooooo much more!

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Show notes and links after the break

January 2011 NPD U.S. sales data and hardware sales charts

Ubisoft Q3 Sales

Atari Q3 Sales

Dead Island details, screenshots, and super fantastic trailer

Xperia Play details and games trailer

Rumored Sony PlayStation Tablet

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