Gamer Investments Podcast, Episode #41


Episode 41 of The Gamer Investments Podcast is live.  Topics in this episode include;

  • US sales data for March 2011
  • Reggie defends 3DS sales
  • Sony announces worldwide hardware shipment data
  • Rumor: Nintendo to reveal Wii successor before E3, launch late 2012
  • NGP to launch in US this year
  • EA job openings hint at new Army of Two and Dead Space titles
  • Frank is back in a new Dead Rising title
  • Capcom announces Dragon’s Dogma
  • Activision states that Guitar Hero and Tony Hawk will return someday
  • Black Ops Escalation DLC confirmed
  • Sony and George Hotz reach a settlement in PS3 hacking case
  • And much, much more!

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Show notes and links after the break

March 2011 NPD US sales data

Dead Rising 2: Off The Record trailer and screens

Dragon’s Dogma trailer and screens

Nintendo’s second quarter release schedule

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City trailer and screens

Street Fighter X Tekken new trailers

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