Game Rating System

Gamer Investments’ rating system should not be taken as a “four star” system.  The ratings and definitions only serve to place titles in a general category and should not be used as a score to rank them against other titles.  In all cases the text of the review is more significant than its rating and the lack of numbered score in our system is a reflection of that belief.

Spectacular – Spectacular titles range from “Game of the Year” nominees to future classics. These are the games that you must have in your collection.

Top Notch – Games labeled as Top Notch are fun, quality titles that may have a few minor issues effecting gameplay but overall you will not be disappointed.  These titles are highly recommended.

Borderline – Borderline titles are good games but there may be either design problems or technical issues that buyers should be aware of.  Don’t dismiss these titles offhand but instead give careful consideration to the issues mentioned in the review.

Awful – Games that fall into this category have failed on so many levels that it makes it impossible to enjoy. The issues may range from bad game design to technical issues that break the game. These titles are not recommended.

The rating system below applies only to reviews prior to 02/06/2010.  All reviews after that date use the system detailed above.

01/10 – Appalling – A game that receives a 1 has so many programming and gameplay problems that it is rendered unplayable.

02/10 – Awful – Games that receive a 2 can, from a technical standpoint be played, although they should still be avoided. These games may still have major programming and gameplay problems, although these issues stop just short of making the game impossible to play.

03/10 – Poor – A game with a 3 rank has one or two features that almost make it decent. Games at this rank are barely playable, but flawed in their execution and / or programming.

04/10 – Borderline – Games with a ranking of 4 show some signs of promise, but are held back by notable design and / or programming issues. A game in this category can be enjoyed on some level, but caution is advised.

05/10 – Average – A game that has a score of 5 has no major technical or gameplay flaws. However it also contains no elements that make it stand out from the pack.

06/10 – Fair – Games with a rank of 6 are a cut above the norm. There may be some small to medium flaws in gamplay or design, but the overall experience of playing the game is positive.

07/10 – Good – A score of 7 means that the game has only minor technical or design flaws. Games in this category have several features that make them stand out among the crowd. A game with a rank of 7 is worthy of buying.

08/10 – Great – Games that get a score of 8 are almost free from all flaws. There may be very minimal technical or game design issues, but they do not take away from the game in any major way. A rank of 8 carries with it a strong buy recommendation.

09/10 – Excellent – A score of 9 denotes games of only the highest caliber. Any flaws are minimal, infrequent, and have little to no effect on gameplay. Games in this category carry the highest recommendation.

10/10 – Perfect – A game with a rank of 10 is nearly perfect in every way. Flaws either do not exist, or are so minimal that they have no effect on gamplay. A game with a rank of 10 is a must buy, and a classic gaming experience.

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