Heavy Rain gets PlayStation Move support on Sept 22nd

Sony has announced that they will launch the patch to allow PlayStation Move support in Heavy Rain on September 22nd. The patch will automatically download to the PS3 when you start Heavy Rain.

Additionally, there will be a Heavy Rain demo that features two levels from the game available on September 28.


Heavy Rain director: PlayStation Move needs core games to become a success

“It really depends on the software because the hardware works really well… If it’s only about casual entertainment and casual games I don’t think it’s going to play a big role in the life of the console. If it can get more support from triple-A titles then that will be interesting.” – Heavy Rain director David Cage

Move is certainly in a better position to capture some level of core support than Kinect is for the 360, but in the end it will most likely have a relatively small install base and do little to bring in new PS3 owners.


Heavy Rain Move Edition Screenshots

Heavy Rain sales reach 1.5m units worldwide

Heavy Rain developer David Cage announced at GDC Europe in Cologne that the title has now sold 1.5m units worldwide, surpassing Sony’s sales expectations. Making this accomplishment even more impressive is that Heavy Rain is a new IP and that it is still selling at its original MSRP.


Heavy Rain DLC is on hold and unlikely to ‘ever be produced’

“…Chronicles as we saw them were ambitious and with high expectations. As explained, they are on hold to allow the team to work on Move and on new projects, and I doubt they will ever be produced.”

“My personal choice was to work on more Chronicles explaining the background of each character… The stories were very strong and would have been very surprising for all Heavy Rain fans. Sony wanted more AAA adult games to support the Move and they thought that Heavy Rain was the perfect fit.”

“For me, there was really a choice to make, because I did not want to postpone the work on our next projects spending one more year on Heavy Rain, and given the time and attention we put in developing our games, this is what it would have meant.”

“I understand Sony’s decision and it gave us the opportunity to explore new possibilities regarding controls… I am really proud of this Move edition and think it will surprise many gamers and show that Move can be used for things other than family entertainment. Now as a writer and director, would I have preferred to work on the three Chronicles I wrote? Guess.” – Heavy rain creator David Cage

Basically, if you are upset that there will not be any more Heavy Rain DLC blame it on the Move.


Heavy Rain (PS3) E3 2010: PlayStation Move Walkthrough


Heavy Rain sells over 1m copies in five weeks worldwide

PlayStation®3’s gripping and unique crime thriller matches its rave reviews with a stunning sales achievement across the globe

City, Date: Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) has announced the millionth sale of Heavy Rain™ for PlayStation®3 (PS3™) worldwide – just five weeks after its launch at the end of February. The game has become an overnight sensation for its combination of gripping plot, thought-provoking themes and emotional involvement. The critics are raving about the new possibilities in emotive, open-ended play and cinematic gaming that Heavy Rain delivers. Now, just five weeks in, the sales figures show that more than a million gamers agree with them. Years in the making, developer David Cage’s hugely innovative and ambitious project has paid off.

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Quantic Dream: Heavy Rain sales hit 1m units worldwide

“We have sold more than 1 million copies of Heavy Rain worldwide… That was a surprise to many, since estimated sales were between 200,000 to 300,000 units. We estimate that by the end of the year, we will have sold 1.5 million copies, and are very pleased with the reception.” – Quantic Dream co-founder and co-CEO David Cage

1m worldwide is a solid number for a new exclusive IP in this market.  Plus it’s always nice to see games that are different from the norm do well at retail.



Quantic Dream surprised by Heavy Rain's commercial success, proves industry wants "innovative concepts"

“No, I didn’t expect it to be that popular… I was quite used to having critical acclaim and commercial mid-success. This is honestly what I was expecting for Heavy Rain. I think that no one even at Sony was expecting this. No one even in the most positive reviews we got — all the critics were saying, ‘I loved it. I just hope it’s going to sell, because if it doesn’t it it will be a pity.'”

“But I think the success took everybody by surprise, including Sony, because the game was sold out in the UK in two days; so you couldn’t find it on the shelves. You couldn’t buy it, pretty much, after two days. So it was really a shock. And same thing in Japan, which is even more of a surprise: the game is sold out. You can’t buy it. And that’s great; I think it means a lot.”

“[The strong performance] means something because during the development of Heavy Rain, we said, ‘This game, whether it’s a commercial success or a commercial failure, is going to send a very strong message to the industry about how interested the market is in innovative concepts and games exploring new directions.'” – David Cage, head developer Quantic Dream

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Heavy Rain Taxidermist DLC Available April 1st

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