Konami Reports 87% Increase In Operating Income For Nine Months Ended 12-31-11

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Konami Reports Financial Results For Q1 Ended 6/30/11

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Konami Reports FY 2011 Results, Operating Income Up 11%

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Konami Financial Results for the Nine Months Ended 12/31/10

We hereby announce that our consolidated net revenues and operating income for the nine months ended December 31, 2010 were ¥188,308 million ( 98.6 % of the same period in the previous year) and ¥ 16,541 million ( 96.6 % of the same period of the previous year), respectively.

Income before income taxes and net income attributable to KONAMI CORPORATION were ¥15,224 million ( 94.4 % of the same period in the previous year) and ¥9,615million ( 90.5 % of the same period of the previous year), respectively.

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Silent Hill Downpour to release Autumn 2011, new screens and details

This morning Konami released some new screenshots and details of their upcoming horror game Silent Hill: Downpour.

According to the press release, Downpour contains a new original storyline that follows convict Murphy Pendleton who (shockingly) becomes stranded in the town of Silent Hill after his prison transport bus crashes.

Konami is also promising a “expansive environment” where the “player is never truly alone” when Silent Hill Downpour is released this Autumn for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Check out the full press release and a couple more screens after the break. Also, make sure to hit the link at the bottom for more screenshots over at Joystiq.
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Konami to fully acquire Hudson Soft this April

Konami has announced plans to completely takeover their wholly owned subsidiary Hudson Soft. Currently Konami holds over 50 percent of Hudson’s stock, and will pick up the rest (2.5m shares) through a share exchange on April 1, 2011.

Hudson Soft is to be delisted on March 29. Their current CEO Michihiro Ishizuka will step down on March 31, and be replaced by Konami Digital’s Kazuhiko Uehara.


Trial Version, and More DanceEvolution DLC from Konami

Konami Digital Entertainment has released a further wave of free DLC for its Xbox 360 Kinect title DanceEvolution.

Following December’s DLC, the new update will offer users new costumes and Gold members will be offered a free demo, showcasing three songs within the game’s ‘Free’ mode and a tutorial mode. For those users who do not have a Kinect unit connected, this will play as a video trailer. Silver members will be able to download the demo in one week’s time.

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List of confirmed third parties for Nintendo 3DS press event

– Capcom
– Konami
– EA
– Koei Tecmo


Konami’s Hard Corps: Uprising to launch on XBLA on Feb 16th

Microsoft Selects KONAMI’s Run-and-Gun Action Side-Scroller to be Part of Their Xbox LIVE ® Arcade House Party Program This Winter

KONAMI today revealed the release date and pricing for Hard Corps: Uprising, which has been selected to kick off Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE® Arcade House Party program this winter. The first title out of five from the XBLA House Party program, Hard Corps: Uprising will be available for consumers to download on Wednesday, February 16, 2011. Along with the release date, KONAMI has revealed new screenshots to accompany today’s announcement.

Hard Corps: Uprising will be available for Xbox LIVE Arcade as part of the House Party program on February 16, 2011 for 1,200 Microsoft Points. Follow Hard Corps: Uprising on Facebook at


SH Dev: The town of Silent Hill is the “star” of the franchise

“If you look at the whole series, the way that we chose to look at the series – Silent Hill as an entity, a genius loci – is the character… Silent Hill the town is the star of the show. In the way that Jigsaw is in Saw, he’s the inciting force and events transpire around him. That’s what Silent Hill is like. So we see Silent Hill as the only consistent character across the whole series.” – design director Brian Gomez

I’ve never actually played a Silent Hill game. Seen a lot of screens and gameplay footage, but never played it. Maybe I’ll try to hunt down one of the PS2 titles one of these days.