SEGA Reports 6.6% Decline In Net Income For 9 Months Ended 12-31-11

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Sega Sammy Holdings Financial Results Quarter Ended 06/30/11, Operating Income Declines 80%

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SEGA Fiscal Year Ended 3-31-11 Earnings Report, Net Income Up 104%

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SEGA’s Sonic Colors and Vanquish pull in some decent sales numbers

With SEGA’s earnings report this morning we got some sales figures for a couple of their key titles released last year and as it turns out they are pulling in some decent numbers.

Their highest selling title reported was “Sonic Colors” which came in at 1.85 million units sold worldwide between the Wii and DS. An exact break down was not provided as to how much each version sold, but even if you figure a 50/50 split it’s a very respectable number.

Next on the list was “Vanquish” which pulled in a “reasonably encouraging” 820,000 units sold between the PS3 and Xbox 360. Not to shabby considering it’s a new IP.

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SEGA Q1 FY 2011 Software Sales

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SEGA FY 2010 Software Sales, Mario & Sonic 6.5m, AvP 1.6m, Bayonetta 1.3m

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The Conduit LTD sales reach 270k


Nintendo Everything is reporting that Sega has revealed sales numbers for three of their titles through the end of September.

  • The Conduit – 270,000 (U.S. and Europe combined, Wii)
  • Virtua Tennis 2009 – 880,000 (U.S. and Europe combined, Wii PS3 and Xbox 360)
  • Puyo Puyo 7 – 190,000 (Japan only)



SEGA: MadWorld disappointing, House of the Dead a wash, The Conduit a success at 150k sold MadWorld was a widely praised title, but sales were disappointing. Why do you think that is? Do you think that “core” games just don’t sell on the Wii?

Mike Hayes: It’s difficult because it was a critically acclaimed title; it was extreme but good. The thing that we’re saying is, Sega would be extremely arrogant to have a title that didn’t do as well as we thought on a platform and then say, “Those kind of games don’t sell on that platform.” I think if you take our slew of more mature games — House of the Dead Overkill did really well in Europe, and for some reason even though it’s a big (intellectual property) it did less well in North America. So that’s kind of like a win and a miss that’s kind of come out neutral.

MadWorld sales were very disappointing, but was that to do with the platform? Was it that people didn’t like the art style? Or that people didn’t like the way the game played through? It could be many things, which we’re obviously researching. What about The Conduit?

Hayes: We actually regard The Conduit as a success. We shipped 300,000 units, sold through half of those and now it’s at the point where it’s selling consistently at a time when Wii sales are generally depressed in the marketplace. So what does that tell you? We still kind of don’t know.

What we can say is that we’ll still do mature games for the Wii market because with an install base of some 34 million in Europe and America (maybe half of whom don’t own Xbox 360s and PS3s)…. So even if you took half of those where they’re not into those (core) games, you’ve still got 8 million consumers to go for. So I think the sheer scale of the Wii allows a shooter, or a mature game, to be a niche but a successful niche. And because the development costs can be less on Wii, that means you can sell less to be successful…. We can take more risks on the Wii.

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SEGA Q1 software sales breakdown by platform

Sales for quarter ended 06/30/09, unit sales numbers are in thousands.

  • PS3 – 2 SKUs, 310 units
  • Wii – 6 SKUs, 550 units
  • Xbox 360 – 2 SKUs, 200 units
  • DS – 3 SKUs, 180 units
  • PSP – 2 SKUs, 110 units
  • PC – 2 SKUs, 20 units

On the Wii 150k of those 550k are just one week of Conduit sales.  That would mean that the average of the other software sales would be 80k for the other 5 titles.  This makes The Conduit one of SEGA’s most successful Wii titles (behind Mario vs. Sonic of course).

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Sega announces June sales data for Virtua Tennis 2009 and The Conduit


Sega revealed sales data for two of their titles, Virtua Tennis 2009 and The Conduit, in their quarterly earnings report.  All numbers are for global sales through June 30, 2009.

  • Virtua Tennis 2009 (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC) – 790,000 units (U.S. release date June 9)
  • The Conduit (Wii) – 150,000 units (U.S. release date June 23)

150k units for The Conduit’s release week is a good start.  It will be interesting to see if the title kept up the momentum during July.